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The Holiday. February 12, 2009

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I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but…. it would be nice to go on a home exchange…. to another country… like…. Italy, Greece…

Imagine: you don’t know anyone… you’re all alone… can read in peace, walk around with no need to take anybody.

That would be totally depressing.

Unless… you find someone really cool like Jack Black… or perhaps…. JUDE LAW!

Come on…. he’s gorgeous!



And seems a lot fun too.


BUT, enough with the talk about impossible men. Let’s be realistic. That man, along with other as good looking and simply FUN, don’t exist anymore. Now, all the good-looking men have to be a pain in that place. And the ugliest have to be the nicest.

Where’s the world going?

But i really don’t care…

the thing is, don’t believe in those movies where the most good looking is also the one that is more gentle.

that’s why i love the other side of the Holiday.

Jack Black is awesome! There’s no measure of his AWESOMENESS!

Take a look:

Awesomely Awesome

Awesomely Awesome

See what i’m sayin’…. he’s really cool. But not much of the attractive kind… even though… he’s so nice, cool, funny….

Jack Black is…. AWESOME.

And he falls in love with Kate Winslet (better than cameron dias… in my opinion) who is also very nice and pretty.

Bottom line (let’s finish this yada-yada): Movies like this don’t add anything to you. Just a feeling that there are no more men in the World. And it makes you want a date with Jude Law. 



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