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Butterflies in my Belly February 19, 2009

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I’m really feeling something weird starting right here inside my heart.

Of course, the heart of men is a really corrupt thing. We can’t really know if somenthing we feel today is the same thing we’re gonna feel forever.

But there’s something goin’ on here and I know it should be happening, but I’m really thinking a lot about this person.

I know this person is not for me, but… what shall I do?

I know what to do. Cut it off before it’s too late. I don’t want another bad love experience. I want something from God. Something that He’ll send me and I’ll feel peace about it….

Meanwhile, I’ll just wait upon him, as I’m doing right now. 

Changing the subject, the camp is coming and I’m really happy about it! The camps are always great and full of experience. I just hope nothing bad happens and I can be in peace with everybody. Including my ex. He’s gonna be there and it’s at that very place that old feelings come. But I reject them from the start. And that’s why I prefer to have butterflies for the other guy… so I’ll never come back with the guy that never makes me happy.

Gee…. what a ridiculous post. What am I thinking? Do you even care? No? I thought so.

See ya all after the camp.



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