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Be strong. Keep moving. March 5, 2009

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Some people believe that just saying this to yourself already changes everything. But it doesn’t. It is, indeed, better that saying the opposite.

In my life I’ve been seeing somethings going on that makes me want just to let go and relax… if you know what I mean.

But there’s this voice inside my head, better, my HEART that never let me quit.

“Keep moving, darling. Keep believing. Keep looking at the sky above. I’ll come back. I’ll take you. But for now, just be strong.”

But, it`s just so painful. Do you know what I mean? Have you ever been there, I mean… here?

This voice is sweet… but sometimes it’s bossy: Get out now! Danger is approaching.

I don’t know, all I know is that I’m looking to the sky and it is beautiful. He calms me. The owner of the voice calms the raging sea.

Whenever your heart is tired, just lean on my. Wait for my signal. Wait for my mark. Step where I step. Don’t you ever go far. Know that that’s a reason for your being strong: Me. I was strong when everybody was spitting on me. When all I could see was the blood that run from my head to my eyes. When the pierced my hands and feet to a cross. Me, the King of Love. And you can’t find better reason that this. Be strong. Trust me: your pain is not bigger than your capacity to bear it. I’d never put you through a test where my grace couldn’t cover you. Remember this: my grace. My Saving, Redeeming Grace. Keep moving. My angels are there with you. I’M THERE WITH YOU. My father’s wings are upon you, covering you, protecting you… and you shall rest.

I’m not going to worry anymore, and you know why? Because these very words were whispered to my right now. I just wrote them as I heard.

Remember: God’s will will never take you where his grace can’t protect you. Therefore, there’s no pain that can bring you that much pain. ahahah


just to give a medicine for sore eyes:

The Mighty Sky

The Mighty Sky

Beautiful colors

Beautiful colors


I was just looking to the sky and it was pink… then, after 10min it was red… now (7:02 pm)



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