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Oh…. friendship! March 9, 2009

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The art of sharing

The art of sharing

yeah yeah… the art of sharing!
that’s me and my friend. We’re best friends since…. since…. 2005.
Not very long but, for me it seems like I’ve know her forever.

I’m going to go out with her tonight and have lots of fun. We’re like Jonathan and David… like bread and butter…. like ribs and barbecue… like…. well like a lot of things.

But the best is that God put her on my life and I know that anything can destroy this, because I love her as I love myself.

Vanetion…. I love you!

So, just go and hug your friend… thank him for everything you’ve been  through together and share each day the fun of living.



One Response to “Oh…. friendship!”

  1. Hey Friend!!.. We have a lot of histories, han?!.. But know that this is just the begining.. You’ll have to look at my face until the eternity!!.. haha.

    I love you, and our babies will be best friends, and our grandsons too.. Maybe they can even get marry, hun?! It would be AWESOME.

    You know.. You’re one of those ‘friends closer than sisters’..

    I love you. And you can stay under my umbrella (this song sucks, but the lyrics are cute)..

    vanessa.the friend.the sister.

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