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Things of life (#2) March 13, 2009

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you know…. things are really interesting for me lately.


I feeling things that I’ve never felt before. Nothing much, only different. I just saw a blog of a person who doesn’t exist and…. man…. this is freak.

That’s why I always want to be myself. And I glad I know who I am.

this post is just to say how crazy we can actually be. Our lives are so short and we are so unimportant… look at the sky…. look at the waterdfalls… the animals.. man… we’re so little.

And yet, I feel pretty important.

Man… I so miss Jesus…. right now I just wish I was in heaven with him. He loved me so much…. I want to love him back but it’ll never be the same… it can’t be…. the price he paid is unique.

I’m just so worried… so worried with myself and with the things of life that are happening to me… that I just want to pray…. I need to talk to God… tell him my fears… my expectations… I really would like to see him face-to-face.


that’s it… I’m going to pray now…


luv ya.



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