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Exploring and discovering the beauty of the Creator.

Today is… March 16, 2009

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Today’s Monday.

Day to consider.

Day to ponder

Day to work

Day to put in practice.

Day of the giants.

today is Monday.


I’m at work thinking about everything I lived this weekend. All the tears I shed. The feelings I felt. Why and How it happened.

but, that’s all in the past… I was given a joy clothing. I received a new talent from God: the talent of suffering but leaving that all behind to helpl others in their sufferings. I know that it hurts… I know that it’s still there… but I have to deal with it and continue living… ’cause I’ll still praise God about it.

My eyes looked around the room and all I could see was the broken heart in me. The pain I felt was too great. Too huge to avoid. And I saw the faces of the people I love. They were all very very happy. What about me? What was happening? Why was I feeling that thing again…

Looked inside his eyes. They were as cold as ice. Mine were burning. The point was: where’s his suffering? Where’s his pain?

– it’s right here. i feel it too. but I just face it different. i’m not gonna suffer for you again. i’ll not do that. it hurts too much. do it too… stop caring. just don’t think, talk, feel… about me. ’cause that’s what i’m doing. do your part. i’ll do mine. god’ll do his.


the shock.



the truth.


the movement.


the tears…..



now i’m just feeling fine.




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